Resilux and Inex close loop in UHT milk packaging

Resilux, known for sustainable packaging solutions, has joined forces with Inex, a frontrunner in authentic dairy products. Together, they made it possible to close the loop in UHT milk packaging. With the Rebirth series, they created a sustainable and circular solution in which white opaque milk bottles get reborn into new ones.

As part of Resilux’s people, planet, product philosophy, the company is driven by a deep sense of responsibility and actively seeks to develop the best solutions in collaboration with customers and stakeholders to protect their products. CEO Dirk De Cuyper emphasises, “At Resilux, we believe in the power of collaboration to address the pressing environmental challenges of today and tomorrow. By joining forces with Inex, we have achieved to develop our Rebirth series, an innovation that significantly reduces the reliance on virgin PET resources for packaging. This breakthrough enables us to recycle white opaque bottles into new ones without compromising on food safety or quality, while also providing optimal protection for a longer shelf life, through our ResiBlock light barrier solutions.”

The Rebirth series: A circular and sustainable solution

Central to the shared ambition of Resilux and Inex is the implementation of a comprehensive recycling process for used milk bottles. Through collaboration with Fost+, the collected milk bottles are sorted as a separate stream, revalorised, and recycled. The Poly Recycling division of Resilux takes these white PET bottles, sorts, grinds, washes, and regranulates them into food-grade feedstock. This closed-loop approach ensures that the old milk bottles can be reborn as new ones, contributing to a circular economy.

The closed-loop Rebirth series is 20% to 40% lighter than HDPE bottles, resulting in a reduced carbon footprint. Furthermore, Inex’s efficient aseptic PET line offers flexibility in switching between different bottle sizes. The absence of an aluminium seal on PET bottles adds to their ecological value and enhances convenience for end consumers: the bottle can be stored horizontally in the fridge without any risk of leakage.

Inspire the industry

The introduction of the Rebirth series marks a significant milestone in the journey towards circularity for opaque white bottles. With this innovative solution, Resilux and Inex hope to inspire the industry to work together and join them in closing the loop. A promotion for a sustainable future for the milk packaging industry.

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