Air and CO₂ compressor solutions

ABC Compressors – hall 7A booth 322

ABC Compressors will feature two developments at Brau Beviale for the beverage and biogas sectors, the Horizon Synchro PET synchronous compressor and the Ecoo range for CO2 compressors. These solutions are positioned as sustainable and cost-effective responses to the increasing demands of the market.

The Horizon Synchro range stands at the forefront of ABC Compressors’ recent achievements. This line of compressors is claimed to offer various advantages when it comes to efficiency and performance. Notable features include a state-of-the-art permanent magnet motor, ensuring better energy efficiency compared to traditional motors. According to ABC, this technology not only reduces energy consumption, but also minimises maintenance costs.

The variable speed drive allows the compressor to adapt to specific application needs, providing precise control and substantial energy savings. This capability ensures consistent output even under varying load conditions, says the company. The compact design optimises floor space in beverage production facilities, while an enhanced intercooling process leads to better performance and an increased equipment lifespan. The range also incorporates advanced digital management systems, enabling remote monitoring and control. Operators can track performance, receive real-time alerts, and optimise compressor operation for efficiency.

Ecoo range for CO2 recovery

The second product is the containerised Ecoo range for CO2 compressors which has been designed specifically for biogas upgrading plants. Building upon the well-established Ecoo range for CO2 recovery in breweries, this product aims to transform the way CO2 and biogas compression is handled in the industry.

Noteworthy features include proven CO2 recovery capabilities for breweries, recognition of the importance of sustainable practices in the biogas sector, and a commitment to energy efficiency. The containerised design is intended to enhance mobility and flexibility in installation, enabling easy integration into existing facilities or rapid deployment in remote locations.

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