New PET sorting plant in Frauenfeld, Switzerland, relies on artificial intelligence

PET beverage bottles have been sorted at Müller Recycling AG in Frauenfeld for over thirty years. The two sorting systems from 2004 and 2015 are currently being replaced by the latest generation of sorting modules. The system developed by Swiss machine manufacturer Borema Umwelttechnik AG utilises the advantages of artificial intelligence for the first time.

The more precisely the PET beverage bottles are separated from foreign materials and sorted by colour, the higher the quality of the recycled PET that can be produced from the collected material. In addition to the latest generation of laser and near-infrared sensors, Müller Recycling AG is now using artificial intelligence for the first time. Thanks to this, the collected material can be recognised and sorted even more accurately. The new system is claimed to be able to sort up to 49 bottles per second with an accuracy of 99.96 per cent.

To make PET recycling even more environmentally friendly, Müller Recycling also equipped the sorting hall and all other halls with photovoltaic modules this year. These provide a significant proportion of the electricity for the new PET sorting plant.

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