Minimising energy losses

ABC Compressors’ new Horizon Synchro machines are claimed to offer improved efficiency, energy usage, remote monitoring and lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

ABC Compressors, which was founded in Eibar, North-East Spain, in 1943, began exporting its equipment in the 1950s and now has a presence in over 130 countries across the world. In 2017, it opened its first USA facility in Miami, Florida.

ABC introduced a four-stage compressor for the PET market in the 1980s. The company says that its newly-launched Horizon Synchro range is an advanced series of PET synchronous compressors, which it claims will set new standards in the sector. The machines feature technology that proritises substantial reduction in energy losses along with improved reliability and overall performance, together with a continued focus on total cost of ownership.

The key technological developments include a permanent magnet motor with variable speed drive. ABC says that the combination delivers precise control over the compression process while reducing energy consumption and thus boosting sustainable operations.

Focus on efficiency

The whole system has been engineered for efficiency, the company maintains. Its compact design and improved intercooling process has been developed to optimise heat dissipation, leading to improved reliability and extended equipment lifespan without compromising performance.

Horizon Synchro compressors now all come with digital management systems as standard. As well as greater accuracy, this means that operators can remotely monitor and control the machines. It also means that operators are provided with real time insights into machine condition and performance, enabling better, more cost-effective predictive maintenance, and smooth, seamless optimisation, ABC says.

Improving energy use

The company believes that the energy efficiency journey requires a comprehensive strategy. As well as focusing on total cost of ownership, ABC has prioritised total cost of energy. To that end it is driving to minimise energy losses within the compressor system itself. Typically, existing compressor systems convert only 10% of the energy taken from the grid into compressed air. To be absolutely clear: this means that around 90% of energy the user is paying for and receiving is lost during the process. This is not only an unacceptable level of inefficiency, it is a massive waste in terms of cost.

ABC says that its latest heat exchanger technology achieves a significant reduction in thermal losses, by maintaining a lower ‘Delta’ temperature – below 7 °C – and optimising the cooling chamber in the cylinder. The company asserts that these design improvements decrease thermal losses by 10% and thus contribute to overall energy conservation.

Cutting volumetric losses

Volumetric losses have been addressed by minimising leaks, dead spaces and pressure losses within the airflow, leading to a 15% reduction. The elimination of a gearbox between the motor and the compressor itself has helped to mitigate mechanical losses. The direct-coupled IE5 synchronous motor cuts energy losses by 20%, compared to a standard IE3 induction motor, according to ABC, further increasing the overall efficiency of the Horizon Synchro range.

ABC presents the Horizon Synchro range as a benchmark on its journey of efficiency and innovation. The range delivers both on traditional measures and, in addition, places a strong emphasis on reducing energy losses within the compressor system.

ABC Compressors says that the Horizon Synchro range demonstrates its commitment to pioneering solutions to meet customers’ changing and evolving needs.

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