Tethered cap inspection: full coverage

The Heuft FinalView II Cap is fit for new challenges in the field of optical tethered cap inspections. A software upgrade makes it possible to roll out four individual camera shots each of asymmetrical tethered caps to a 360° view. Heuft said that this ensures gapless coverage. In addition, new lighting hardware facilitates all-around inspection of the tamper-evidence bands of rPET bottles. The cap angle detection reliably checks whether all containers are sealed correctly and tightly.

Transmitted light is used to detect defects on the tamper-evidence band of all types of closures, combined with a realistic frontal inspection in incident light, particularly during asymmetrical tethered caps. Protruding hinges and unusual gaps in the tamper-evidence area no longer led to false rejections. The rotational asymmetry of some of these new types of closure caps can be precisely calculated with the intelligent Heuft Reflexx A.I. image processing, states Heuft. Where it was usual in the past to generate a black and white view four colour cameras with incident and transmitted light can now be integrated into the Heuft FinalView II Cap at the same time. The size of the faults detectable on the tamper evidence ring is reduced by a factor of three in comparison.

Compared to its predecessors the Heuft FinalView II Cap offers twice as many colour cameras and six times the resolution. The maximum diameter of closures to be completely examined is increased by a factor of 1.5 and the possible height difference between the smallest and the largest full bottle which can be safely inspected increases to 30 cm. The audio-visual Heuft NaVi user guidance of the Heuft Spectrum II platform makes the complete inspection of the closures easy and realise gapless coverage with tethered caps, which will become mandatory throughout the EU in the middle of this year.