SGT invests €3 million in new material central facility

Société Générale des Techniques (SGT), a manufacturer specialising in PET and RPET preforms, is proud to announce the installation and operational start-up of a new material central facility at its Reze site in Loire-Atlantique, France, representing a major investment of €3 million. This installation enables the automatic supply of PET and RPET pellets to the injection molding press park.

Since the beginning of the year, this material central facility has been operating autonomously, eliminating the need for direct human intervention. It also contributes to improving ergonomics by reducing strenuous tasks and repetitive movements required for PET and RPET granule transfers. This simplification of logistical operations relieves employees from difficult manipulations and uncomfortable postures, resulting in improved working conditions.

Four kilometers of pipes have been installed to optimise operational processes efficiently, ensuring continuous supply of raw materials.

Thanks to an ultra-performing computer system, the installation deployed by MAT Techno-Logic offers precise management of all mixtures associated with each preform injection press. The flexibility of this new technology allows for automatic management of diverse mixtures, ranging from 0 to 100%, thus providing exceptional versatility in production.

“This new installation represents a major modernisation of our site, aimed at increasing our productivity, efficiency, and the quality of our preforms. Our priority is to meet the ever-increasing expectations of our customers and fully satisfy them,” says François-Xavier Ollier, Production Manager of the SGT Group.

The implementation of this system brings several major benefits: Firstly, it significantly improves the efficiency of the production process, resulting in considerable time savings for the company. Additionally, the storage capacity of raw materials has been significantly increased with the addition of 280 tons of transition storage. Finally, the automation of the installation ensures a secure supply of PET to the presses, reducing risks associated with human errors.

The new material central facility also emphasises complete traceability of preforms produced at the Reze site. Through advanced tracking systems, the company can guarantee the quality and origin of each product, thus meeting the strictest requirements of its customers. By committing to this initiative, the SGT Group also demonstrates its adherence to environmental standards. In compliance with the Clean Sweep charter, the new material central facility helps prevent granule loss, thereby reinforcing the company’s commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

“We are delighted to introduce this cutting-edge technology at our Reze site,” said Frédéric Mignot, CEO of the SGT/SGR Group. “This material central facility represents a giant step forward in our quest for operational efficiency, sustainability, and unparalleled quality. We are confident that this new installation will significantly enhance our ability to meet increased customer demands, especially in light of the 2025 deadline for the implementation of the European directive and the incorporation of 25% MPR in PET bottles.”

The company has further received financial assistance from Adam and the Pays de la Loire Region to materialise its project.

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