Blow moulding with NIR heating system

PET Technologies, South Hall, Level 1 – Booth S11058 Bottle Zone

PET Technologies made its debut at the NPE exhibition in 2018, when it presented its APF-3002 blow moulding machine. Six years on from its first appearance, it is returning to the National Plastics Exhibition where it will showcase its latest addition to the APF-Max series: the APF-Max 3U. PET Technologies says that this machine exemplifies the technological and design advances that it has made over the past six years.

Basic specifications include an output of up to 5,400 bph and the capacity to cater to a wide range of bottle volumes, from 100 ml to 8 l. It does this by being designed with the capacity to cope with a different numbers of cavities to suit various volume requirements.

It also has the capacity to handle hotfill bottles, is equipped for preferential heating, has the ability to install rotary blow moulds and offers quick change for different preform types. The company particularly highlights its near-infrared (NIR) heating system, which enables the machines to more effectively work with different compounds in different ways. NIR penetrates PET perfectly, at consistent depth and thus reheats preforms consistently.

PET Technologies says that the need for sustainable solutions is growing rapidly and that its incorporation of the novel NIR heating system means that it can easily handle rPET – the material that is shaping the future of sustainable bottle production.

PET Technologies has become a reliable partner for a number of global corporations. It has achieved a strong market presence through, first, being able to create moulds for the majority of European blowing machine manufacturers. Second, its moulds are made of high quality duralumin alloys, with hardness reaching up to 100 HP. The third factor it highlights is its investment in advanced five-axis CNC machining centres from manufacturers such as Deckel, Maho of Germany, Doosan of South Korea and Micron MILL from Switzerland.

The company says that use of five-axis machining centres removes the need for additional polishing, which has enabled it to reduce lead times for blow moulds to just two to three weeks. Shorter lead times enable swift transition to new product formats, which, in turn, enables faster market entry and saves valuable time.

PET recognises that bottle shapes are brand owners’ signatures. It says that it specialises in crafting individual identities through a personalised approach, to ensure that customers ideas are fully captured in bottle design as well as aesthetics. The company focuses on cost effectiveness, seeking ways to adapt designs to be lighter weight, without sacrificing quality. The design process includes 3D prototyping and lab testing to perfect bottle technology and appeal.