Focus on green issues, recycling and energy efficiency

Pegaso Industries, West Building, Level 2 – Booth W3331

At NPE, Pegaso Industries group will be present, along with all its companies, in the West Hall with a booth of approximately 400 m2 where it will be possible to view the results of the latest patented developments.

DRV series continuous vacuum drying system

The DRV Series by PET Solutions integrates continuous vacuum drying technology, incorporating four hoppers and a hot air circulation system to accelerate dehumidification and ensure uniform processing. This system offers precise control over resin temperature, optimising material properties for injection moulding:

  • 1st hopper: preheats the resin, gently removing surface moisture from the material.
  • 2nd hopper: heats the resin to energise the material.
  • 3rd hopper: using vacuum technology, creates a low-pressure environment favourable to moisture evaporation from the material.
  • 4th hopper: increases the resin temperature for fine adjustment before injection moulding.

SDS series dry-cooler

Designed for closed-loop water cooling using ambient air, the SDS series dry-coolers from Blauwer feature high energy efficiency, contributing to reduced energy and water treatment consumption. With various models available, ranging from 60 to 1,600 kW, these dry-coolers are claimed to offer flexibility to meet diverse production needs. The main features of this solution include the high-efficiency finned aluminium heat exchanger with copper pipes, axial fans with speed control, and a microprocessor control with a 7” touchscreen display and alarm history.