Maag Group presents localised products

Maag Group, Hall 2.1 Booth H85

Maag Group, a specialist in polymer technology, will showcase local and China-manufactured machinery and components from a wide range of solutions for pelletising, recycling, pumping, and filtering.

The C-USG underwater strand pelletising system is a localised version of the proven M-USG, which has been successfully used worldwide for decades. The C-USG is claimed to deliver a consistently high pellet quality at up to 16,000 kg/h. According to the company, it is characterised by long service life and high availability due to wear-resistant cutting tools and quick-change cutting head, user-friendly operation with high automation, and good accessibility for maintenance.

For recycling, Maag offers continuous melt filters such as the ERF 350 from Ettlinger, which can process up to 3,800 kg/h at contamination levels of up to 16% by weight. Melt flows from the outside to the inside through a continuously rotating drum with a variety of conical holes. Contaminants such as paper, wood, rubber, and metals remain on the outside of the drum and are continuously scraped off. In total, four ERF models cover throughput rates from 1,100-10,000 kg/h, while four corresponding models of the Eco series from Ettlinger are dedicated to PET applications with lower contamination levels, such as factory waste.

The new Baoli-3 is a dry-cut strand pelletiser for compounding and recycling. It is built in China and utilises core components such as cutting tools and the strand feed unit manufactured by Maag Germany. Three models cover throughputs ranging from 20-3,450 kg/h, depending on the application and polymer type. Machine features include high pellet quality, long service life, low noise, ease of operation both on-site and regarding in-house IT systems, and flexible installation options for different production environments.

Other exhibits include Extrex 6 gear pumps for recycling applications, Pearlo underwater pelletisers, screen changers CSC 058, and HAT die plates.