Quality control and productivity improvement

Agr, South Hall, Level 1 – Booth 12048 Bottle Zone

Laboratory automation, precision bottle measurement and innovations in automated blow moulder control

Laboratory automation, precision bottle measurement, and innovations in automated blow moulder control are key focuses for Agr’s array of products designed to assist container producers, converters, and fillers in staying competitive while meeting the increased quality demands of today’s world. The company will be showcasing several new product developments, alongside quality management and process control equipment for plastic containers.

Agr’s Process Pilot+ system incorporates a patented “Value Performance” technology that has been developed to improve blow moulder efficiency and profitability.

One of the highlights will be the Gawis 4D, Agr’s all-in-one automated laboratory measurement system, which streamlines laboratory measurement operations by performing a multitude of critical dimensional and thickness measurements in one simple operation. The Gawis 4D features Agr’s patented AutoJob, enabling the creation of complicated job setups in a matter of seconds. When paired with the robotic handling system, up to 128 bottles or preforms can be measured, hands-free, with accuracy, repeatability, and operational throughput. 

The focal point of Agr’s display will be the Process Pilot+, representing the latest advancements in automated blow moulder control for PET bottles. Built upon Agr’s well-known Process Pilot automated blow moulder management system, the Process Pilot+ incorporates a patented technology that is claimed to enhance blow moulder efficiency and profitability. This system allows operators to optimise the blow moulder based on performance, energy efficiency or operating costs. By continuously measuring material distribution on every bottle, the Process Pilot system proactively manages the blow moulder to maintain optimal material distribution, even amidst environmental and material variations, particularly those associated with rPET production. AGR says that the Process Pilot+ system is an indispensable tool for PET bottle manufacturers committed to incorporating rPET into their product mix.

The Process Pilot+ system allows operators to optimise the blow moulder based on performance, energy efficiency or operating costs.

Pilot Vision+ is claimed to be Agr’s latest and most powerful in-the-blow moulder vision system. Specifically designed for quality management of bottles with high percentages of rPET, the Pilot Vision+ works seamlessly with today’s high-speed reheat stretch blow moulding equipment. The Pilot Vision+ system offers a modular approach to defect detection that works within the blow moulder. The open architecture of this system allows for simultaneous management of up to six cameras, in multiple locations. As part of Agr’s Process Pilot family of products, Pilot Vision+ can be combined with Process Pilot+ for a comprehensive bottle management solution, detecting random occurring defects and ensuring precise material distribution, even with the lightest and/or most difficult-to-process bottle design.

In addition, Agr will have the newly released ThicknessPen handheld thickness measurement device available to try out on a variety of samples and materials. The device with its patent-pending dual-mode design, addresses various thickness measurement applications in the production environment. The ThicknessPen, used with or without a target ball, offers versatility for use in laboratories, plant floors or even in wet environments at a job site in the field while still providing the precision necessary for the laboratory and the portability, ruggedness and safety for use on the production floor.

Agr measurement and processing experts will be available to discuss these products as well as their complete line of process monitoring and quality control equipment available for the plastic industry.