Smart manufacturing and eco-friendly solutions at Chinaplas

Newamstar, Hall 8.1 – Booth D50

Newamstar is set to showcase its smart manufacturing techniques for eco-friendly products and engage in discussions on future industry trends at both CBST2024 and Chinaplas. During CBST2024, the company will present its comprehensive digital factory solutions and unveil new blockbuster products at their booth. In April, the spotlight shifts to Chinaplas, where Newamstar will feature its environmental, intelligent, and digital product lineup.

The exhibited products aim to enhance production flexibility, efficiency, traceability, and control, while concurrently reducing overall production costs. Addressing market demands for customisation, multiple variants, fast cycles, and high-end products, the company says it is committed to meeting the diverse needs of its customers.

At the core of its activities, Newamstar prioritises offering comprehensive service advice and personalised solutions to build high-quality and efficient smart factories for its clients, integrated in production and storage, and to help achieve high-quality growth in the food and beverage industry.

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