Versatile stretch blow moulding equipment

Flexblow, South Hall, Level 1 – Booth S16107

Flexblow, a leading manufacturer specialising in stretch blow moulding equipment, is gearing up to exhibit its solutions across various industries. The SBM equipment manufactured by the Lithuanian company is claimed to be versatile and to provide an extensive range of capabilities, including the production of cosmetic containers, hot-fill containers, jars, and large containers. According to the company, these machines offer one of the widest neck and size range capabilities on the market, allowing customers to achieve flexibility in their production processes. Flexblow also emphasises its record-setting complete mould and neck changeover times, ensuring efficiency and agility in manufacturing operations.

During the exhibition, the company will unveil several features that are claimed to underscore its commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. These highlights include a wall thickness assurance system, toolless changeover (including mould), hot fill capability, auto lamp positioning and preferential heating for oval containers.

Representatives will be available to provide insights into the technologies, conduct live demonstrations showcasing equipment capabilities, and discuss tailored solutions to address individual manufacturing needs.