Modular system for flexible optical online inspection and sorting of plastic pellets

Sikora has exhibited the Purity Scanner Advanced that is used for inspection and sorting of plastic pellets. Even the smallest, critical contamination is  reliably detected and sorted out by the system, says the company. Thanks to the modular concept, different camera types can be used depending on the inspected material. In addition to optical 25 µm high-resolution cameras, which detect black specks and discolourations, an X-ray camera can be installed to detect metallic contamination down to 50 µm in the pellet.

Purity Scanner Advanced automatically sorts out detected contamination via a blow-out unit. For optimising the by-catch, Sikora has developed a “hybrid blow-out” feature. The customer defines in advance which contaminants in the material are uncritical and selects a smaller blow-out unit for these, so that their by-catch is reduced. Both the reliable detection and hybrid blow-out are claimed to ensure high material quality. At the same time, production processes are optimised, and the reduced by-catch contributes to cost-efficient and sustainable production.

Caption: John Dognazzi, Managing Director of the Sikora daughter company Sikora International, in front of the Purity Scanner Advanced