Real-time analysis for material feeding, blending and dehumidification

At the NPE stand of US equipment manufacturer Maguire, we met IT manager Ralph Hassel, who introduced us to the company’s new IT monitoring system ‘Tracker’. With this software, the company is taking a further step in terms of production data analysis, evaluation and remote parameter adjustment. In combination with the Maguire Tracker Hub Controller, information from Maguire material blenders, feeders, dryers and conveyors can be accessed online using any end device. The corresponding functions can be activated in a subscription system depending on requirements and end device usage. It should also be possible to integrate the system into existing third-party databases. “The features of the software include remote control and adjustment of recipes and material flows, for example, as well as complete queries, checks and changes to parameters and important production data,” explained Mr Hassel on the presentation screen. Tracker also has comprehensive real-time analysis and reporting functions for consumption and dosing, as well as the general functional status of equipment and error detection. The data generated in this way can be visualised and displayed in different ways. “Continuous data collection and evaluation within the production process is essential and is in high demand in almost all areas,” said Mr Hassel. “With the tool, our customers can now optimise their processes accordingly and monitor them better.”

Caption: Ralph Hassel presents the Tracker IT system