Taste trends at CBB 2024 raw materials, agents and additive area

2024 China Brew China Beverage (CBB) will be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center from October 28th to 31st. As a premier event for the Asian wine, beverage, liquid dairy products, liquid condiments, and edible oil industries, CBB is a vital part of Drinktec global network. The exhibition encompasses all aspects of the industry, from raw materials and auxiliary materials to processing technology and equipment, packaging technology and equipment, general equipment and parts, packaging containers and materials, and modern warehousing and logistics. It highlights cutting-edge themes such as intelligent manufacturing, Industry 4.0, innovative packaging, food safety and health, energy efficiency management, and green and sustainable development, offering a comprehensive discussion on the future of beverage and liquid food industry.

Natural, innovative flavour solutions

As living standards rise and health awareness grows, the wine, beverage, and dairy industries are constantly innovating to create flavours that are both healthy and trendy. CBB 2024 will enhance its special area dedicated to raw materials, agents and additives, from strict screening of raw materials to precise control of the brewing process, focusing on the following key trends to set the stage for the entire beverage and liquid food industry chain.

Keyword 1 – Personalisation and trendiness: The global trend in raw materials, agents and additives is claimed to emphasise the youthfulness and trendiness of beer, beverage, and dairy products. From unique craft beers with new hops and fruit flavours to wine-based mixed drinks, innovative flavours are being introduced in various contexts. The raw materials, agents and additive area at CBB 2024 invites brewers, craft beer enthusiasts, bartenders, and manufacturers to explore and create “taste trends.” This area will showcase solutions that combine colour, aroma, and taste, inspiring major brands to develop the next wave of personalised, fashionable flavours in beverage and liquid foods.

Keyword 2 – Natural and healthy: Consumers increasingly seek foods and beverages that are not only flavourful and natural but also promote health, fitness, and comfort. This trend is especially evident in craft beers, functional drinks, sports beverages, and healthy plant-based protein drinks. Raw materials, agents and additive area at CBB 2024 will highlight high-quality, natural flavour solutions, showcasing the added value and strong growth prospects of natural, healthy liquid foods.

Keyword 3 – A tasting journey on the tip of the tongue: Raw materials, agents and additive area at CBB 2024 are intended to offer an interactive experience, allowing attendees to explore the diverse styles of raw materials, auxiliary materials, and additives. Visitors can sample homemade hop flavours from different countries: British hops are spicy and refreshing, European hops are light and natural, North American hops have a citrus aroma, and New Zealand hops offer a juicy tropical fruit flavor. It will also feature colourful yet healthy innovative beverages and dairy products. This area will serve as the starting point for a high-tech journey through the entire beverage and liquid food industry chain, including wine, beverages, dairy products, condiments, and edible oils.

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