Plastics recycling solutions

Herbold Meckesheim – hall A6 booth 6312

The key for the efficiency of the Herbold Meckesheim granulators is the rotor design and the special construction design of the granulators in addition to the cutting geometry and the real double cross cutting action. Herbold can offer a multitude of rotor geometries, customised according to the individual application. The entire anti-wear coating of the housings and the exchangeable wear parts of special rotors have scrupulously been thought out and guarantee a long service life of the machines, easy to maintain.

Washing technology

The demand for high-performance and efficient recycling plants is currently extremely high. Projects covering investments of up to €12 million keep surging and high-end product qualities are in focus. The use of hydrocyclones in separation technology and the hot wash have been important components of the Herbold plant solutions and vital criteria of Herbold technology for years. Herbold has almost doubled its turnover  business in the last 2 years.

For the following applications in particular Herbold is able to offer tried-and-tested solutions:

  • Post-industrial post-consumer film
  • Post-consumer rigid plastics
  • PET bottles
  • PET trays
  • Big-bags and other monofilaments
  • Bottle crates and pulper residues

The hot wash of film has now become an essential component in a multitude of orders to yield the high qualities of post-consumer materials currently required. In the PET realm, plant technology continues to be set on efficiency and product output. We can also showcase efficient solutions for PET trays and due to a gentle treatment, only few fines loss in this brittle material flow. Herbold technology can also be used as a preliminary processing step for chemical recycling. Dry cleansing solutions, wash lines as well as Herbold agglomerators tailor the input material for the chemical procedure solution. “We are committed to an expert  and comprehensive consultation with  our customers,“ highlights Achim Ebel, Division Manager for Washing Lines – „A ready-made washing line does not exist at Herbold – in cooperation with our customers, it is an individual process to devise a solution that corresponds exactly to  the application.”