Solutions for improving recyclability in the PET market

Avient – hall B5 booth 5316

As part of a sustainable circularity focus, Avient launched the following new solutions in 2021 aimed at improving recyclability in the PET market:

  • ColorMatrix Optica toners & colours for enhanced recyclability. When added to PET resin, preforms and recycled PET (rPET), it corrects and reduces the yellowing that occurs during the recycling process. Aside from aesthetics, there are also processing benefits for PET resin during the manufacture and recycling processes, and further downstream for convertors, bottle blowers and brand owners during packaging production.
  • ColorMatrix Amosorb 4020R oxygen scavenging additive specifically formulated for use with rPET. The solution delivers full oxygen scavenging performance with up to 100% rPET content with a focus on improving the aesthetics of the recycled bottle in terms of haze and colour.
  • ColorMatrix Lactra low TiO2. The new Four, One and Zero formulations offer dairy contents protection with superior whiteness & low inorganic content. With TiO2 content between 4% and 0%, ColorMatrix Lactra Four, One and Zero offers light blocking up to 99.9%, improved performance in thin wall sections, superior whiteness, and can be processed with standard PET grades and rPET.
  • Rejoin PCR masterbatch for polyolefins enables post-consumer recycled (PCR) to be used as a carrier resin, effectively allowing a bottle or part to be manufactured with 100% PCR. It combines pigments and functional additives into one solution without creating a negative impact on colour or mechanical properties.

Avient will also be showcasing its full portfolio of speciality engineered materials, and colour & additive solutions for PET and rPET, including formulations developed to support the circular economy.