High potential for energy saving

Röders Tec Hall C5 – Booth 230

Reducing energy consumption is a huge topic for the beverage industry and the German mould manufacturer. Röders Tec has introduced a new base technology for reducing blowing pressure recently. The “low pressure” (LP) base design is combining a unique design with additional venting solutions to let the air exhaust easily. Due to the optimised PET material flow, less air pressure will be required to blow out all areas of the base properly – without having any impact on critical bottle tests. The base design was implemented at several European CSD bottling plants with huge success: Blowing bottles with less than 20 bars instead of 30 was feasible in many cases. Some customers were able to reduce to 15 bars, stated Röders Tec. All potential results are related to local conditions such as preferred preform design and weight, condition of the blowing machine and moulds as well as the bottle shape itself.

The LP base design can be used for new mould developments, but also can adapted to existing formats. Bottlers only need to change the base mould – there is no need to invest in a full set of moulds.

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