Specialised in beverage filling and packaging

KHS Group Hall B4 – Booth 336

The KHS Group, an international manufacturer of filling and packaging equipment focusing on the beverage and liquid food sectors will highlight two PET relevant technologies.

Specialising in the single-serve water segment, the InnoPET TriBlock Aqua M combines three modules into one unit. The further developed stretch blow-moulding module of the proven InnoPET Blomax Series IV stretch blow-moulding machine is equipped with blowing stations in which bottles with a maximum diameter of 75 mm can be blown. The smaller bottle size results in a smaller blowing wheel, minimised oven pitch, and smaller valve distances in the filling module. The labelling module is characterised by a simple and robust design and thus by high reliability and availability. The functions of cutting and applying labels to the bottles are realised with just one cylinder. A special vacuum system gently controls the optimum label tension without contact and serves as an effective label buffer. This system permits the use of low material thicknesses and thus leads to cost advantages. The Innofill PET NV filling machine has also been adapted to the requirements. A new generation of valves shortens the filling time, so that fewer valves are required for the same total filling output. The smaller bottles and the reduced pitch have made it possible to reduce the diameter of the filling wheel and the ring bowl. This makes the TriBlock more compact overall, while the optimised filling module itself benefits from lower maintenance requirements and correspondingly reduced maintenance costs.

The Bottles & Shapes program by KHS addresses brand-specific beverage packaging – with focus always on efficient and sustainable production. This is how a balance between economy, market acceptance and product quality is created, says the company. Lightweighting in the production of 0.1-3.0 l bottles made of PET, rPET, HDPE, and PE is the core competence of the company’s more than 40 years of expertise in stretch blow molding and plastic technology. Just a little information is needed to offer individually adapted solutions that harmonise marketing ideas on the one hand with technical requirements on the other hand. The result will be lightweight, brilliant, premium plastic bottles that have been tested in the KHS laboratories.

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