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Newamstar is a global liquid packaging machinery supplier and is committed to providing turn-key solutions for integration of production and storage smart factory. The company has been working with most of the top brands like Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Danone, Unilever, Nice etc. regarding product formulation, bottle design, plant layout design, equipment research and development, software development, and project full life cycle services.

Over 2,200 production lines are in operation in more than 80 countries and regions worldwide. Newamstar will exhibit its technology for eco-friendly and low-carbon, sustainable and digital technologies in view of establishing a smart factory with integration of production and storage. The Starbloc system for blowing, labelling, filling and capping of large bottles, the CSD Aseptic Combi, the Dry Aseptic Combi, Smart Warehousing and a data platform will support the use of equipment in a smart factory with intelligent manufacturing technology and good service.

In 2016, Newamstar introduced the integrated production and storage solutions. The whole development mainly consists of three main systems: an automatic production line, an automatic storage system and an automatic control and data processing system. It can perform data identification, collection and tracking for the production process of input, inspection, production, warehousing and logistics. It supports customers in life cycle management in all areas of purchasing, manufacturing, sales, distribution and service. The system uses the Industrial Internet Service Platform to help customers reduce production and operating costs, improve production efficiency and energy use.

The system can be used to reduce labour intensity and management costs, shorten the ROI cycle and enable product safety traceability. The integrated solution for production and storage creates a new model for the smart development of the beverage industry.

From 2018, Newamstar has introduced the new technological highlights according to the production characteristics in the industry and upgraded the intelligent warehouse with RGV, AGV, laser-guided unmanned forklift, intelligent sorting system and other intelligent logistics equipment. It introduces a new management system that integrates life cycle management, process management and data management to help customers improve dynamic performance during production. It reduces energy and equipment consumption, saves production operating costs, increases product quality, reduces operating intensity and creates more profit. The entire system achieves the company’s goals of “safety, stability, continuity, automation, optimisation” and puts great forces behind a low-carbon future, according to Newamstar.

The “1+1+1” solution for digital factory is a combination of automatic production line, intelligent warehouse and logistics system and information platform for intelligent factory management. The complete coverage and close connection of this combination can accelerate the real-time response, realise the overall system optimisation and efficiency improvement, and promote the process of digital intelligence in the manufacturing industry.

The intelligent factory management platform collects the entire data flow of production and operation, systematises and integrates the production situation. It enables convenient allocation and management of production resources with real-time planning function. The platform monitors all equipment and fault data in the production line in real time and enables timely analysis to improve production efficiency. It collects all data on energy consumption, losses, maintenance, troubleshooting, daily operation and material requirements to realise unmanned and paperless management that helps management make better decisions and plans. At the same time, it can realise asset health management and preventive maintenance, monitor comprehensive asset energy consumption in real time, and help companies improve the efficiency of asset operation.

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