Range extension

An extension to Berry M&H’s Sharp Cylindrical range is intended to provide customers with a versatile packaging solution in a wide range of end markets.

Available in 300ml and 500ml sizes, the Fat Sharp Cylindrical bottles feature a 28SP410 neck finish, which enables them to be combined with many closure options. As a result, the bottles are suitable for a range of products, from personal and healthcare products such as liquid soap, body lotions, sanitisers and hand gels, to sauces, dressings and syrups in the food and beverage sector.

The height to width ratio of the bottles, combined with their straight lines and slim neck contours, was designed to give them a striking appearance to maximise on-shelf presence. A wide surface area for printing or labelling, along with a choice of colours, allow the bottles to be personalised to individual brand requirements. The design is complemented by a robust construction that ensures product protection along with safe and easy handling by the consumer.

The Fat Sharp Cylindrical bottles can be manufactured in a choice of PET or rPET in various percentages depending on customer requirements. This material is also recyclable.

The Sharp Cylindrical range offers a wide choice of bottles from 50ml to one litre, together with a variety of neck sizes.

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