Drying system for rPET processing

PET Solutions, Hall 11 Booth I37

PET Solutions, part of Pegaso Industries Holding, is known for its auxiliary equipment and systems for preforms. Since 1994 the comapny is also established on the closures injection moulding market. The DRV Series is claimed to be an advanced drying system for pellets and flakes polymers in the market, being the final result of a 10 years R&D project including many PET Solutions branded patents. The company developed the system as the new excellence for rPET processing in cooperation with international leading beverage companies. Based on the continuous vacuum drying technology, it allows the extraction of contaminants (e.g. AA, Benzene) normally contained inside the rPET as result of the recycling process.

This drying technology no longer requires the use of molecular sieves as current traditional standard drying technology and prevents the use of oil condensers to remove the contaminants, thus reducing the energy consumption impact of the drying process (reduced by 30 % compared to the traditional technology). Other advantages include low drying (reduced by 80% compared to the traditional technology), low changeover (reduced by 80% compared to the traditional technology), flexibility and the non-necessity of a connection to HTC water circuit.

Main features:

  • Production range up to 3,000 kg/h
  • Supervision and management connectivity (e.g. Modbus, Ethernet, OPC UA)
  • Remote connection
  • User-friendly system

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