Inauguration of a PET water bottling plant in the midst of war

A joint project of Avalon Group and PET Technologies

Water is a real miracle without which we cannot imagine life on earth. Water is life; it is a unique combination of simple and complex. It consists of only 3 atoms – 2 hydrogen and 1 oxygen. But it still remains a mystery how they interact with each other.

To begin with the period of implementation: martial law in Ukraine, turbulent times for both companies, the partial destruction of the newly built Avalon plant, the newest enterprise in Eastern Europe, equipped with modern production lines. Despite all the difficulties, the company persevered, rebuilt the premises and is now providing people with water.

The Avalon plant is equipped with domestically produced equipment, in particular with PET Technologies blow moulding machines: an automatic blow moulding machine APF-6004 and semi-automatic blow moulding machine UPF-10. Avalon uses them to produce 500 ml, 1 l, 2 l, and 6 l PET containers.

The history of Avalon Group begins with the spring. It has been sought for a long period of time, and once finally discovered, the extracted water delighted and surprised with its naturally balanced composition and mild taste. Avalon natural water is crystal-clear, pleasant-tasting and nutritious artesian water from a spring 108 m deep in the Cenomanian water horizon (Kyiv region). It is a perfect thirst-quencher, ideal for daily use. The finished product complies with national certification standards and has taste qualities that are highly prized by consumers. Consumers can choose the water they like best: still, slightly carbonated or strongly carbonated. All of it is enriched with calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium.

Avalon chose the APF-6004 to produce bottles with a volume of up to 2 l. This machine model is reliable and very easy to use, perfectly suited for a first-time user. Furthermore, according to PET Technologies, it guarantees the production of 6,000 bph.

PET Technologies also brought its knowledge to bear on the design of a new bottle. The PET bottle encapsulates the idea that Avalon is an ideal form of water. It is elegant and ergonomic, attractive from the outside and convenient for the consumer. The decorative line on the walls of the bottle curves like a flowing and gurgling stream. The line that wraps around the walls of the bottle is dotted with small elements – the shagreen. It resembles the uneven surface of water, with its fast and turbulent currents. This decorative element also adds to its ease of use. PET Technologies manufactures moulds on 4- and 5-axis CNC machining centres, which allows an array of complex surface designs, – from completely flat to the most elegant curved elements.

The absence of reverse osmosis during filtration preserves the original structure of Avalon water molecules, and PET Technologies blow moulding equipment gives it a perfect shape. Such symbiosis became the key to the success of the project, which successfully faced the challenge of conflict and emerged triumphant!

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