Process cooling solutions for the beverage industry

Frigel – hall 7 stand 250

According to Frigel their systems for beverages are designed to cut water usage to zero, improve energy efficiency and help through a decarbonisation journey. Whether the business is beer, soft drinks, dairy, fruit processing, baby food, confectionery or other. The design and development of new Adiabatic Cooling Systems has been carried out having as goal an improvement of all key performance indicators linked with the environment. Less kW of electricity per kW of cooling and lower usage of water (up to 95% less).

Frigel will present innovations in cooling and temperature control systems:

  • LDK adiabatic cooler series (large loads-high capacity adiabatic cooler, the solution towards more efficient heat rejection)
  • 4DK adiabatic cooler series (centralised closed-circuit adiabatic cooling systems designed for small-medium thermal loads)
  • New 3PR 4.0 control system (complete real-time control of the entire cooling system, parameters, functions, alarms etc.)
  • Industrial chiller 3FA/3FX series (air-cooled and water-cooled water chillers, specifically designed with a modular concept to build complete systems with multiple chillers, either connecting them in series or in parallel)
  • Multistage solution (cascade refrigeration system, with water or air condensation, designed to provide high efficiency cooling conditions to processes with a high temperature drop)
  • Mould side temperature control unit Microgel series (water cooled packaged chiller with booster pump, designed specifically for PET, caps and blow moulder moulds).

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