Staying ahead of evolving packaging legislation

Retal – hall 4 stand 323

The evolving legislation around sustainable packaging is complex, with complicated initiatives that vary depending on market, application, and material. But how to make practical sense of the legislative technical information that is still developing? Plastic packaging manufacturer Retal is using the trade fair to provide information on how to reconcile this changing legislation and convenient packaging solutions.

One focus is on the development of tethered caps. Anton Sugonaiaev, Head of the R&D department at Retal, shares how this combination works in practice, “We are well aware that it is the smallest of changes that can make a significant impact. In terms of tethered closures, we must remember that even a fraction of a millimetre can feel uncomfortable for the consumer when they are drinking from a bottle, so we must be careful in every element of the design. At the other end of the spectrum, we also must consider the practicalities of blowing the preform, of how the current limits of lightweighting can impact on the usability of the bottle, for example, or how the use of colourants can affect the Design for Recycling performance of the bottle. In addition to the tethered caps staying attached to the bottle after use, the legislation includes specifics such as it must resist at least 25 N of tear-off force and have enough opening/closing cycles, fifteen or more to be precise, for the life of the bottle, up until recycling. Although the flip angle of tethered caps is not something regulated by the law, we strive to provide it as wide as possible for every single cap design to enhance the consumer experience.” Sugoniaev says that understanding consumer comfort and Design for Recycling (DfR) is part of the recipe for success, alongside the specific demands of the legislation.

In addition to this, Retal can consistently offer up to 100% rPET for its preform portfolio, largely thanks to a preferential sourcing agreement with sister company Neo Group, which produces Neopet Cycle, PET flakes with up to 30% recycled material already integrated.

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