Avient unveils ColorMatrix AAnchor: New acetaldehyde control technology for PET packaging

Avient Corporation, a leading provider of specialty and sustainable material solutions and services, is excited to announce the launch of ColorMatrix AAnchor, an innovative acetaldehyde control technology designed for PET packaging. This cutting-edge packaging solution addresses the challenges associated with increased recycled PET content by oering improved recyclability and enhancing bottle quality.

ColorMatrix AAnchor technology provides a comprehensive solution to improve the recyclability and quality of PET packaging. As more brands are demanding sustainable packaging solutions, they are looking to incorporate higher levels of recycled material. However, this creates challenges as higher rPET content oen requires more acetaldehyde (AA) scavenger, which can lead to issues related to accumulation, such as migration and increased risk of exceeding regulatory migration limits.

One of the standout features of ColorMatrix AAnchor is a very low tendency for migration, thereby reducing the risk of exceeding regulatory limits, even in closed-loop recycling systems where accumulation and migration risk are highest. Improved thermal stability also oers improved processability, avoiding processing issues related to sublimation and deposition on equipment and molds, helping to improve eiciency and throughput.

“We are thrilled to introduce ColorMatrix AAnchor to our customers,” said Andrea Smith, Global Product Manager at Avient Corporation. “This new technology represents a significant advancement in a shared commitment to sustainability and innovation. By addressing the challenges associated with increased rPET content, ColorMatrix AAnchor helps brands achieve their sustainability goals while delivering high-quality PET packaging.”

ColorMatrix AAnchor also oers excellent bottle aesthetics and mechanical strength, ultimately potentially extending the shelf life of packaged products while helping control odor and minimize the risk of o-taste in bottle contents. The technology is compliant with European food contact regulations.

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