Closure advancements for enhanced cycle times

Z-Moulds, Hall 2.1 Booth A52

This year, Z-Moulds and Eisbär once again share a joint booth at Chinaplas. Z-Moulds will spotlight closure advancements and new technologies aimed at enhancing competitive advantage in cycle times and mould dimensions. In the realm of closure developments, the company is highlighting the 26 mm GME 30.40, a solution poised to shape the future, alongside lightweight solutions for CSD closures.

When it comes to novel technologies, Z-Moulds will be introducing their new pitch size. The 55 mm pitch, featuring patented z-slides, has enabled the construction of a 128-cavity mould measuring 696 mm in width and 1.196 mm in height. This reduced the closure’s fall height, compared to the market standard, by almost 500 mm, resulting in a 0.12 second decrease in fall time. Additionally, the weight of the moving half was decreased by 45%, compared to market standards that contributed another 0.08 second reduction in opening/closing times. These advancements collectively enable Z-Moulds to achieve lower cycle times. For instance, the cycle time of a 26 mm flat water closure could be reduced to 1.85 seconds.