Systems enhancing plastic industry efficiency

Eisbär, Hall 2.1 Booth A50

Eisbär, a leading manufacturer of auxiliary equipment for the plastics industry, has unveiled a range of cutting-edge systems aimed at bolstering quality and productivity in plastic manufacturing processes. Specialising in solutions to prevent condensation on cooled moulds and facilitate the drying of plastic resin, Eisbär’s systems are engineered to handle high throughputs of up to 5,000 kg/h.

As the demand for recycling post-consumer plastics continues to surge, Eisbär has developed specialised systems tailored to meet the unique requirements of recycled plastics. These systems efficiently process flakes, clean different materials, and contribute to the production of higher-quality regranulated plastics.

  • The Eisbär Crystallizer: An essential component for processing amorphous PET flakes, the crystalliser treats flakes in a hopper with rotating stirring, achieving optimal results at temperatures between 130-140 °C for 1-3 hours.
  • Eisbär dryer GDS: Crucial for residual moisture adjustment and material cleaning, the GDS dryer employs advanced drying technology with a slowly rotating adsorption wheel with honeycombed tunnels, achieving a residual moisture level of 30 ppm.
  • Eisbär mixing and dosing units: Available in gravimetric or volumetric options and various sizes, these units are claimed to be essential for mixing virgin and recycled materials to achieve good product results, especially for converters using recycled materials.
  • Eisbär conveying systems: The company’s expertise enables conveying of up to 5,000 kg/h for all free-flowing materials, accommodating variations in bulk density, flow properties, and dust content.
  • Eisbär operates a state-of-the-art testing centre where customers can conduct comprehensive tests with granules or flakes. Materials are processed in a material dryer for a specific time and temperature, then analysed for contamination in a chemical institute.