Devolatilisation and decontamination technologies for recycling applications

Gneuss, Hall 2.1 Booth H26

Gneuss introduces its latest Omni recycling machines at Chinaplas, offering devolatilisation and decontamination technologies for various recycling applications. These machines, integrated with Gneuss MRS Extrusion Technology, are designed for closed-loop recycling. Accompanied by rotary filtration systems, advanced vacuum technology, and online viscosity measurement tools, these recycling lines can be tailored for specific materials, ensuring high-quality output. With FDA and Efsa compliance and local approvals, the efficiency of the decontamination process is validated. The Omni series handles various materials including PET scrap, PS, PP, PE, and PLA, with applications ranging from thermoformed sheet production to odour reduction in polymers. Its compact design and automated control ensure operational flexibility and energy efficiency, reducing both operational costs and CO2 footprint.

The MRS extruder features a multiple screw section for devolatilisation. This design is claimed to increase the surface area exchange rate, resulting in thorough decontamination and good mechanical properties of recycled materials. Additionally, Gneuss’ proprietary vacuum systems extract volatile impurities, while the RSF genius filtration technology offers self-cleaning capabilities and filtration finenesses below 10 microns (1,200 mesh). The system can be retrofitted to existing lines, enabling the use of more contaminated materials without compromising quality. The inclusion of the Online Viscometer VIS enhances quality control by precisely measuring viscosity during processing. Gneuss also provides flexible and digitally integrated measurement technologies tailored to specific industrial needs, ensuring fast delivery and compliance with quality standards.