Smart technology for caps and preforms

Sacmi, Hall 2.1 Booth F61

Sacmi’s focus will be on its “digital revolution” in beverage cap and preform production. Offering ready-to-use solutions, the company emphasises tangible advantages in process efficiency, product quality, productivity and system user-friendliness.

The latest generation of Sacmi CCM presses are claimed to achieve enhanced performance and user-friendliness, featuring predictive capabilities for both machine behaviour and process outcomes. In an exclusive preview, the company will illustrate how some of the key process parameters self-adjust on the basis of feedback from CVS control systems, designed and built by Sacmi.

At the trade fair, Sacmi will showcase a CCM48 equipped with Smart Pack 2, enabling precise control over hydraulics, pellet insertion, and raw materials. Notably, a new ‘prediction’ button aids production drift anticipation and maintenance management proactively.

Customers can leverage Cloud-based Sacmi Smart Care services to share machine data, while AI-enhanced vision systems facilitate the shift from quality control to process control. Sacmi’s  AI-driven solutions address challenges such as problem anticipation, efficiency enhancement, and streamlined management. For instance, the IPS preform press range integrates the PVS156 vision system, while the CVs Software Suite has been developed to simplify defect classification, enhancing quality control efficiency. Sacmi ‘s digital developments prioritise monitoring machine and production process health and efficiency. The company offers solutions to facilitate customer transitions to new formats and standards, including tamper band slitting in post-processing downstream from compression moulding for swift adoption of tethered caps. These solutions, certified by major international brand owners, ensure profitability and future readiness.

In cap and preform production, the company’s patented technologies like Cool+ mold in IPS presses have been developed to enhance productivity and long-term efficiency. On-site technical assistance and original spare parts available through Sacmi Shanghai are further claimed to guarantee optimal performance and return on investment for customers.