Meeting the market demand

ABC Compressors South Hall, Level 1 – Booth S19106 Bottle Zone

ABC Compressors, a global leading provider of compressed air and gas solutions, is set to unveil its latest advancements at NPE. With a steadfast focus on energy efficiency and reliability, the company has introduced two transformative products that promise to redefine industry standards. Both solutions can be seen in the bottle zone.

Horizon Synchro – PET synchronous compressor

At the forefront of ABC Compressors’ latest achievements is the Horizon Synchro range. This line of compressors are claimed to offer a range of benefits that enhance efficiency and performance on high-speed production lines.

The PET synchronous compressor range is equipped with state-of-the-art permanent magnet motors, delivering superior energy efficiency compared to conventional models, ABC says. This advanced technology not only reduces energy consumption but also lowers maintenance costs. Additionally, with variable speed drives, these compressors can adapt to specific application needs, ensuring precise control and significant energy savings under varying load conditions.

The compact design of the Horizon Synchro compressors optimises floor space in beverage production facilities, allowing for space-saving installation. Enhanced intercooling processes are claimed to ensure improved performance and extended equipment lifespan, ensuring high-quality compressed air and increased reliability. The range also boasts advanced digital management systems for remote monitoring and control, allowing operators to optimise compressor operation for efficiency by tracking performance or receiving real-time alerts. ABC Compressors will be exhibiting a unit of the Horizon Synchro compressor at their booth.

X-PET – all-in-one containerised high-pressure compressor

Plug&play high-pressure air solution X-PET

Another product introduced by ABC Compressors is the X-PET range. Born from the technology utilised in its larger sibling, the Horizon Synchro, it has been designed for clients in the beverage and plastic bottling industries with lower-speed lines.

The X-PET series is claimed to be the market’s first atmospheric compressor boasting oil-free piston technology and pressures of up to 580 psig, all within a container ready to operate without the need for external cooling equipment, as it is air-cooled via a built-in fan. The air-cooled feature not only maximises savings on water consumption but also on the energy required for water temperature regulation, having a double impact in the total cost of ownership. The X-PET series features a compact design that allows installation in any production plant corner, eliminating the need for a separate compressor room and facilitating easy relocation.

While incorporating the technology from the Horizon Synchro, the X-PET also features a direct-coupled motor that eliminates losses associated with other transmission methods, a variable speed that adjusts compressor usage to match the plant’s requirements and a digital compressor that centralises the operation from a single HMI point. ABC Compressors will be exhibiting two units of the X-PET that will be providing air to various Aoki Technical Laboratory lines at the bottle zone, booth S12071.