The And&Or Group acquires Icebel

The industrial automation company And&Or, headquartered in Palomares del Río, Spain, announced the acquisition of Icebel, a leading Portuguese company specialising in machinery and technologies for the glass Industry. This operation reflects the continued growth and expansion of the And&Or Group in the market, further solidifying its position as a leader in automation solutions for the industry.

The acquisition of Icebel represents a key strategic step for the And&Or Group, as it combines its expertise in handling plastic packaging (PET, HDPE) with Icebel’s analogous experience in glass packaging. This is intended to complement the product and service portfolio of the And&Or Group, allowing both companies to leverage synergies and collaborate in creating comprehensive solutions for the industry.

The integration is expected to enable the Group to offer a wider range of solutions, increasing its manufacturing capacity to address the growing demands of the market and provide greater value to its customers.

“We are delighted to welcome Icebel to the And&Or family. This acquisition reflects our ongoing commitment to excellence and innovation in the field of industrial automation,” said Antonio Ortega Suarez, CEO of And&Or. “Together, we are better positioned to provide comprehensive and advanced solutions to our customers across Europe, strengthening our position as industry leaders.”

Alfonso Cardeira, Managing Director of Icebel, stated, “This integration into the And&Or Group is a great opportunity to drive the company’s growth and progression. We are focused on ensuring that our relationship with all stakeholders is strengthened with this acquisition.”

Both companies will work together to ensure a smooth transition that benefits both employees and customers. It is expected that this acquisition will strengthen the Group’s international presence.

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