Handling high-value liquids

Sipa’s Flextronic W filling system has been upgraded to handle personal care and homecare liquids as well as edible oils.

In today’s fast-paced production landscape, precision and adaptability are essential for success. Sipa, an industry leader in PET bottle production, handling and filling, has announced the launch of an upgraded version of its Flextronic W weight filler, which it describes as a ‘groundbreaking addition’ to its existing range of monobloc filling machines. The Flextronic range was originally designed for high-value products such as edible oils; the latest version of the Flextronic W has undergone an evolutionary design upgrade to make it capable of handling a diverse range of products including salad dressings, ketchup, several types of sauces, detergents and other applications in home and personal care, such as cosmetics. Sipa says that the latest version of the Flextronic W offers higher standards of product performance and emphasises the need, in today’s production landscape, for precision and adaptability, while delivering at pace. In order to achieve these goals, Sipa has invested the Flextronic W with advanced technology and customisable features intended to deliver excellent operational performance, efficient production processes and superior product quality. These features are claimed to meet the needs and demands of businesses in the food and toiletries industries.

The company says that its range of monobloc filling solutions featuring Flextronic W offer premier quality and exceptional sanitisation capabilities, while minimising operational expenses.

Main features

The Flextronic W’s features include a pressurised central tank for efficient product handling. Its draining frame is made entirely of grade 304 stainless steel, to achieve high standards of hygiene. For operations that require the strictest standards, an ultra-clean configuration featuring nitrogen pressurisation of the filling tank is available, along with automatic insertion of dummy bottles during CIP. Changeover times have been cut, which helps to boost productivity, and operations are made as simple as possible by a user-friendly touchscreen HMI, with intuitive control and monitoring of filling processes. In order to minimise waste, the Flextronic W is equipped with a recovery tray for rinse or cleaning oil, which enables complete product recovery at the end of production. Sipa says that the Flextronic W’s comprehensive set of features are designed to raise its performance in a number of areas.

The capacity for the flexible handling of a variety of products eliminates any need for additional equipment and simplifies the production process. Likewise, its adjustable filling speed is designed to ensure the efficient handling of a wider range of products, with different consistencies, than previous models. Automatic filling engagement is designed to deliver precision and consistency, for uniform product quality through multiple fills.

Its design, including the use of high-grade stainless steel, mean that the machine is ideal for industries and operations with strict hygiene standards, Sipa maintains. The improved design helps to minimise downtime and boost productivity by enabling faster changeovers and transitions between products, and easier access for simplified maintenance. The filler, available with 20 to 96 valves, can achieve output rates ranging from 6,000 to 36,000 bph in case of 1.5 l formats.

Advanced weight-filling technology

Flextronic W seamlessly accommodates various types of products, says Sipa. This versatility allows producers to expand their offerings without the need for multiple filling machines, thus helping to boost operational flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Its advanced weight-filling technology enables higher levels of accuracy, which minimises product waste while maintaining quality and consistency.

As its design incorporates features for quick adjustments and thus cuts downtime, higher production rates and improved efficiency can be achieved, especially when configured in synchrobloc with a blow-moulding machine. Sipa’s stated commitment to reducing running costs in the latest Flextronic W helps manufacturers to better control and manage costs. At the same time, the company says that its quality standards ensure production consistency and compliance with product specification.

Safety has not been overlooked. Modular element guards prioritise safety and convenience, providing operators with added peace of mind during operation.

Filling flammable liquids

Sipa’s Flextronic W Atex version has been specifically designed for the safe filling of flammable liquids, such as 70% alcohol hand sanitisers. This specialised configuration adheres rigorously to Atex compliance standards, for mitigation of risks and safe operation in environments with hazardous atmospheres, such as explosive gases and vapours. The version incorporates features to eliminate of potential ignition sources and the integration of micro isolators around the filling valves to contain hazardous areas. Specially-designed ventilation and aspiration systems further minimise risks. The Atex version of Flextronic W caters to industries requiring the safe and efficient handling of highly flammable liquids and features safety and precision engineering. It is claimed to ensure compliance with the most stringent safety standards and provides reassurance to manufacturers operating in hazardous environments.