Beermaster with new packaging solutions

In the heart of Moldova, nestled among scenic vineyards and rolling hills, lies the prominent brewing company Beermaster. Beermaster, in its quest for innovative solutions, particularly in the packaging of beer and various other beverages, has partnered with PET Technologies, which installed an advanced APF-Max series blow moulding machine.

Previously reliant on two semi-automatic machines equipped with seven blow moulds, Beermaster faced frequent production halts. PET Technologies helped Beermaster to achieve its goals introducing APF-Max 4L blow moulder. This machine produces PET bottles ranging from 0.2 to 3.0 l, with an output of 7,000 bph. In case of 500 ml bottle, the output is 8,000 bph.

The APF-Max 4L is claimed to ensure a seamless production flow and brought with it the flexibility of a quick bottle format changeover, with mould changeovers taking 20 minutes. Beermaster now produces five different bottle sizes on the APF-Max 4L, including the popular 3 l format, thanks to the machine’s ability to handle larger volumes up to 3 l. The APF-Max 4L reduces energy consumption and features an NIR heating system, in line with Beermaster’s commitment to sustainable production practices. In addition, the machine’s robust design can accommodate heavy preforms, which are critical to maintaining the integrity of the bottle design, which resembles a traditional beer keg, after filling, according to PET Technologies.

An essential aspect of this partnership was PET Technologies ability to tailor the bottle designs to incorporate Beermaster’s branding, embedding their logo distinctly on each bottle. This customisation has not only strengthened brand recognition but has also enhanced the visual appeal of the products.