IMH and PETform’s shared booth highlights handle bottles and moulds

Integrated Plastics (IMH) from Sydney, Australia, and PETform Technologies from Daman, India, shared a booth highlighting IMH’s integrally moulded handle bottles and PETform’s advanced preform injection moulds. Nick Mellen, Managing Director of Integrated Plastics, marked the company’s first participation at NPE with a focus on entering the US market, noting significant interest from Central American visitors.

Nick Mellen, Managing Director of Integrated Plastics

The centrepiece of IMH’s display was the 2-stage stretch-blow moulded PET handle bottles, ranging from 700 ml to 7.5 l. These bottles feature a PET handle that is injection moulded during the preform production process, eliminating the need for a separate handle attachment. The patented technology is claimed to boast significant sustainability advantages over traditional HDPE and PP solutions, including reduced warehouse and shipping costs, higher output compared to the extrusion process, and up to 40% energy savings. Made from PET or rPET, these bottles are fully recyclable without the need for handle separation. The IMH bottles are particularly advantageous for the dairy, edible oil, beverage, juice, and personal care markets.

 Among the preferred suppliers of IMH is PETform Technologies, which delivers preform moulds for the handle bottles and turnkey systems to inject the preforms. Shurid Mody, CEO of PETform, highlighted the company’s capabilities as a global provider of high-performance two-stage PET preform injection moulds and hot runner systems. Established in 2000, PETform is known for its innovative mould designs and partnerships with customers to develop preform designs that meet stringent industry requirements. Mody noted that this year’s NPE was particularly successful, describing it as “one of my best shows ever” with numerous contracts signed.