Full range of blow moulding equipment

Canada-headquartered PET All Manufacturing covers North and South America for a number of technologies. It reported having a great show with visitors generally of a high calibre, ready to get down to business. The booth featured an all-electric, 2-cavity stretch blow machine from Chumpower for bottles up to 5 l. This machine is one of Chumpower’s lineup of blow moulders from 1 to 14 cavities that uses continuous movement of preforms guaranteeing that each preform is exposed to the same heat and bottles have the same wall thickness. Outputs of up to 2,800 bottles/cavity/hour are possible for light-weight water bottles.

The show machine was sold on the last show day to a customer in Texas. Visitor interest in PET All’s other technologies like extrusion blow moulding and injection blow moulding was also strong, the company says, and one machine was sold on the second day of the show. Pet All’s offering includes a number of technologies for bottle applications with outputs of up to 21,000 bph.

Caption: The PET All Manufacturing team in front of their NPE booth