In step with AI: intelligent computer vision

Sacmi’s 24/7 virtual assistance for rigid packaging

The evolution of ‘vision’, from quality control to process control, systems designed to ‘think’ like a human being, providing immediate and useful information to even the most experienced operator. Sacmi provides a wide range of vision systems for rigid packaging in the beverage industry.

Caps, preforms, right up to the full, labelled container: today, Sacmi systems are evolving under the banner of artificial intelligence and deep learning. This is achieved thanks to the new release of the Computer Vision software (CV) suite, a set of tools that – in the name of interoperability, cybersecurity, and data availability- project quality control within a collaborative vision between man, machines and systems. Sacmi says that the Gilda-AI, a real ‘virtual colleague’ provides answers, further simplifies system management and troubleshooting.

Quality first

Sacmi seized the opportunity from the early days of software engineering to complement its range of machines with the development of data-based systems to support quality control. More recently, the radical paradigm shift in the digitalisation of systems has made these solutions a tool for quality control and a strategic tool for making the production process more efficient.

The new CVs software suite

The range of vision systems for the rigid packaging sector is based on the Sacmi software suite. This is the starting point of the development to train operators in their use, making process data management simpler, more useful and more immediate. In this logic, CVs includes software (CVs23) integrated into the machines and common to all systems, the remote data logging and analysis platform (CVsWeb) and the Classy AI system that improves and simplifies system operation by automatically categorising the types of defects detected, says Sacmi. In addition to the technical interface, which is always available, the Classy AI presents an advanced dashboard, trained to ‘think’ like a human being, classifying and associating each defect with its possible cause, intercepting and anticipating any process drift.

Gilda-AI, the 24/7 digital assistant

Sacmi’s approach to the factory of the future is based on the idea that technologies should increase productivity and ensure the safety and well-being of operators. This concept is reflected in CVS machines and devices that detect defects and offer unparalleled virtual support through Sacmi’s new 24/7 digital assistant, Gilda-AI. Gilda-AI is a ‘virtual colleague’ that speaks the language of the operators and provides immediate and intuitive solutions to any problem. Thanks to Gilda-AI and the CVs software suite, there is no need to consult manuals or search for complex solutions.

The range for bottlers

As part of its vision in the production of rigid packaging for the beverage industry, Sacmi offers the proven CHS solution for the in-line quality control of caps. In addition, there are the new cut and tamper-evident band inspection systems integrated into the cap line in view of the changeover to the new tethered standard. Sacmi range extends to preform production, with PVS systems for both in-line and laboratory quality control, and with the first press on the market, the IPS 300 and IPS 400, to integrate this system directly into the machine as an option for process control. For bottling lines, Sacmi develops dedicated label quality control (LVS) and filled and labelled container (BVS) quality control systems, which are designed to work with advanced software packages.

Digital & on-site services

Intelligent on-board machine systems complement the ability to support customers throughout the service life of the machine and plant with a timely after-sales, remote and on-site service. From this point of view, too, solutions such as Gilda-AI and the remote control of data, together with the possibility of sharing it in the cloud with the Sacmi team, are the beginning of a new approach to customer service.