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Avery Dennison continues to pioneer change by launching recycled PET liners in Europe

Avery Dennison will be the first pressure sensitive labelling material supplier to introduce liner made from recycled PET (rPET) commercially in Europe. This move reflects the firm’s commitment to finding more sustainable solutions for the labelling industry. Jasper Zonnenberg, global director films, explains that the new rPET liner uses carefully selected

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PET-eating enzyme

Scientists from the University of Portsmouth and the US Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) have engineered an enzyme which can digest some of the most commonly plastics, providing a potential solution to one of the world’s environmental problems. The discovery could result in a recycling solution for millions

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PET recycling capacity in Europe

Plastics Recyclers Europe announced that 78 PET recycling facilities located all over Europe were evaluated. The results point to a PET recycling capacity in Europe of 2.1 million tonnes for 2017. Of the total installed capacity in Europe Germany (27%), France (15%), Italy (14%) and Spain (9%) account for 65% of

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Relocation of Poly Recycling AG

Poly Recycling AG in Weinfelden, the PET recycling company of the Resilux Group, intends to relocate to Bilten before the end of the year. The reason is that the current rented location will be claimed by the owner’s for own use. After evaluating various scenarios, the choice fell on the location

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