PET production and demand

In 2022, PET converter demand for applications such as bottles, films and sheet in the EU27+3 region stood at 5.0 million tonnes. PET production (including virgin and recycled) reached 3.9 million tonnes in 2022, as illustrated in the figure, showing a downward trend in relation to previous years. The difference between

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EU Council and EU Parliament agree provisional deal for more sustainable packaging & less waste

The EU Council presidency and European Parliament representatives have announced a provisional political agreement on a proposal for regulation on packaging and packaging waste. The stated aim is to tackle the increase in packaging waste generated in the EU while, at the same time, harmonising the internal market for packaging and

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Adhesive technology spearheads sustainable labelling

Global push against single-use plastics sparks legislative actions and developments in technologies based on an article by Elizabeth Staab, Global Packaging Sustainability Manager, H.B. Fuller There is growing demand by consumers around the world to limit the proliferation of single-use plastics. Governments are responding with legislation, regulations, and taxes designed to

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