Lightweight in recyclate

KHS, Hall B4 – Booth 336

KHS’ focus will be on the filler/seamer block SmartCan by KHS/Ferrum. But the machine and plant manufacturer also has something on show for the PET industry: with its new Loop Lite PET bottle concept, KHS is further helping to optimise the eco balance of beverage packaging and promoting closed recycling loops. In addition, the turnkey supplier will also be exhibiting a modular automation concept for PET lines as well as its full range of services that include both on-site assignments and remote digital solutions.

With its Loop Lite packaging concept, KHS presents a very light 0.5 l PET bottle made entirely of recyclate. The specially developed design of this packaging for highly carbonated beverages allows up to 25% less material to be used compared to standard market CSD bottles and has been developed to be fed into the closed recycling loop. Its thin interior coating of glass claims to ensure long-term product protection.  As well as environmentally friendly packaging, more and more consumers want to be able to choose from a wide range of products. Bottlers are therefore having to frequently expand their portfolios, with the number of stock keeping units, or SKUs, constantly on the rise as a result. In order to keep line availability and efficiency at a high level, they require fast product changeovers.

KHS caters for this demand with its new, modular automation concept for PET lines. With fast, reliable, and reproducible changeovers, it boosts the overall equipment effectiveness. In ideal conditions, format changeovers from one SKU to another can be performed in 30 minutes – including running the system empty and restarting it (value refers to a non-returnable PET line). The new KHS setup reduces all manual activities by up to 80%. KHS will also be showcasing their digital services. The intelligent ReDiS and augmented reality remote diagnostics and remote maintenance services as well as the web-based Basic Line Monitoring system have proved to be of immeasurable value during the pandemic, KHS says.

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