Founded 1993
Headquarters Jingke II - Taichung, Taiwan

Company Profile

The company Chumpower was founded by William Yang and started business in 1981 in Taiwan, focusing on R&D and manufacturing of all types of tool chucks used in machinery industry. The manufacturing of blow molding machines started in 1994 and Chumpower successfully is building high-speed linear stretch blow molding machines that are sold to more than one hundred countries globally. The company accounts for more than 85% of total PET machinery equipment exporting from Taiwan to the world. In 2012 the company entered green technology and develops electric golf carts and scooters.

Products / Technology

  • PET Blow Molding Machines
  • PET Stretch Blow Molding Machines
  • Large Volume PET Blow Molding Machine
  • Chuck tools for CNC machines
  • electric golf carts and scooters


  • 1981 – founded by William Yang focused on R&D and manufacturing of all types of tool chucks used in machining industry
  • 1994 – Chumpower starts to manufacture stretch blow molding machines
  • 2012 - Chumpower entered green technology field by development of electric golf carts and scooters


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