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Wentworth Technologies Co. Ltd.
Headquarters Brantford, Ontario, Canada
Website www.wtbvc.com

Company Profile

Wentworth is a leading global manufacturer of packaging molds for the plastics industry. It is also a leading manufacturer in thermoforming of plastics packaging. The company provides many types of packaging molds for any equipment and supplies low-cost disposable food and drink packaging products globally.

The enterprise businesses are organized into three groups:

  • plastics packaging
  • packaging molds
  • high precision molds.

They operate 13 independent mold manufacturing, service facilities and contract plastics processing facilities, located in Europe, North America, and Asia.

Wentworth's Plastics Packaging Group is the leading independent manufacturer of plastic lids for disposable containers and other drink and food packaging products.

The company's Packaging Molds Group is a world leading independent manufacturer of PET and extrusion blow molds.

Wentworth also offers strategic partnership programs to enhance customers services.

Products / Technology

Plastic Packaging

  • Lids for disposable containers in several materials and colors
  • Cups and portion cup packaging
  • Plastic institutional foodservice disposables
  • Drinking straws
  • Thermoformed packaging products
  • Plastic parts
  • Injection molded parts

Packaging Molds

  • PET blow molds of all sizes, for all technologies and equipment types, anywhere in the world.
  • Extrusion blow molds of all sizes, for all technologies and equipment types, anywhere in the world.
  • PET preform molds
  • Multi-layer PET preform molds
  • Single stage molds for Nissei and Aoki machines
  • Interchangeable mold components
  • Hot runner systems


  • Research and development
  • Product design and engineering
  • Prototyping
  • Material selection and qualification
  • Tool design
  • Tool manufacturing
  • Sampling from production environment
  • Product manufacturing
  • Statistical quality control



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