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Founded 1976
Founder Daniel Solomita
Headquarters Cascais, Portugal
Number of locations
Number of employees
Website www.logoplaste.com

Company Profile

Logoplaste is an industrial group incorporated in 1976 in Cascais, Portugal. The company pioneered in-house manufacturing in Europe following the ‚through the wall‘ concept and today it is one of the top five largest European manufacturers of rigid plastic packaging for some of the most reputable companies in the world in the food and beverage, personal care, household care and oil and lubricants sectors. The term „Through the wall" concept refers to supplying plastic packages "just-in-time" from plants installed directly in the site of the client.

Logoplaste manages 59 plants that are spread over four continents and is present in 16 countries employing 2050 people. The most up-to-date technologies in injection molding, stretch-blow molding and extrusion molding are used to produce packages across the wide range of market segments.

The company‘s industrial activity to the development in packaging design and packaging engineering is alligned under the umbrella of Logoplaste Innovation Lab.

Products / Technology

  • rigid plastic containers
  • packaging development


  • 1970‘s - begins operations with Yoplait yogurts and Nestlé caps
  • 1980‘s - large scale PVC operation for mineral water packaging
    • first PET operation for Coca-Cola in Portugal
  • 1990‘s - thin wall operation with Unilever in Portugal
    • Logoplaste goes international in Spain, with mineral waters
    • start up of the Brazilian operation with dairy products
    • enters the French market with an in-house plant operation for Carbonated Soft Drinks
    • PET preform plant is Portugal begins production
    • opens a second plant in the Barcelona área, for the supply of the soft drinks market
    • new headquarters in Cascais, Portugal
  • 2000‘s - complex factory, incorporating injection and blowing of PET preforms is installed near London
    • start up of operations in Leeds, manufacturing bottles
    • start of operations in Coleford, Wales
    • start up of the manufacturing of aseptic packages for UHT milk in France
    • new plant starts the production of PET containers for sauces in the Netherlands
    • new plant in Ukraine
    • plant dedicated to edible oil segment is installed in Spain
    • start up of the manufacturing of large size packages for automotive lubricants in Brazil
    • Logoplaste is first in Through the Wall operations in Europe and Brazil
    • Logoplaste starts the operations in North America. Canada targeted dairy, and edible oil bottles in the USA
    • Logoplaste Innovation Lab USA division begins operations to support North America
    • Logoplaste opens new factories in Canada and Mexico
  • 2015 – opening of new plant in Chicago, USA
    • Logoplaste opens new plant in Poland
  • 2016 - Logoplaste is in the top 5 largest European rigid plastic converters


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