Headquarters Benslimane, Morocco

Company Profile

Petmorocco is located in Benslimane, Morocco, and is a company that has built up a distinct technical lead in the enhancement of of PET injection-moulding systems and in the production of PET preforms which are produced with these systems.

Petmoroccos has given high priority to make continuous improvement of all manners of PET injection-moulding systems, resulting in machines yielding higher quality and production output at lower cost. Only recently Petmorocco has undertaken the commercial production of PET preforms.

All production techniques developed by Petmorocco are first subjected to an extensive testing provedure in the company‘s own manufacturing plant. After the completion of this period of research, the company studies the possible exploitation of the product and make this expertise available to their customers of PET injection-moulding systems.

Petmorocco has production facilities in Morocco, Mauritania, Niger, Italy, France, Germany, Dubai and Hongkong.

Products / Technology

  • PET injection-moulding systems
  • PET preforms



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