Founded 1954
Founder Angelo Anceschi
Headquarters Milano, Italy

Company Profile

TRIA is a producer of blades granulators, shredders, conveying and treatment system of plastics scraps from the plastics processing. The headquarter is located in Milano, Italy and subsidiaries are located in USA, Brazil, China and Germany.

The regrind material quality produced has mechanical and physical properties of plastics unchanged. The TRIA granulators produce at low dust, fines and "angel hair" with a homogenous and constant uniform regrind. The company#s granulators are constructed to be very energy efficient at low running cost.

The advanced engineering design of the TRIA products leads to an easy operation and maintenance with very low down time.


  • Granulators dedicated to inline grinding with injection moulding machines of sprues, scraps, engineering plastics and elastomers filled with glass fiber
  • Granulators dedicated to the recovery of blow moulding scraps: runners, blown pieces, in-line parison at high temperatures. Off-line grinding of preforms and blown pieces. Suitable for moulds or bulky and light thermoformed scraps.
  • Granulators dedicated to scraps recovery from rigid or flexible extrusion materials
  • Granulators for film material
  • Granulators designed for inline recovery of thermoformed full sheet


  • 1954 - first TRIA knife-grinder designed and manufactured by Angelo Anceschi
  • 1955 - first participation ina trade show in Italy
  • 1957 - Angelo Anceschi's son Sergio joined the company, increasing product range and entering into export market
  • 1975 - first participation in K-Show, Düsseldorf
  • 1980's - Third family generation enters business company, modernizing the company structure
  • 1990's - new technological partnership with German and Japanese companies
  • 1994 - small granulators manufactured under TRIA license in India
  • 1998 - TRIA Germany, Düsseldorf founded
  • 2000 - TRIA Brazil founded, near Sao Paolo
  • 2004 - 50 years anniversary
  • 2009 - sales outside Europe increase and exceed European sales
  • 2010 - TRIA America founded, headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina
  • 2011 - TRIA China founded in Shanghai
  • 2012 - Branch feedback expanded and enhanced their technical and engineering capacity
  • 2016 - TRIA has a new board of directors, openening to external management
  • 2019 - new CEO of TRIA becomes Stefano Venturelli. Luciano Anceschi remains Executive Chairman and continues to work together with Stefano
  • 2020 - branches sales exceeds 40% of groups total
  • 2021 - real estate operation is kicked off to completely move the company headquarter


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