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Belvac was founded in 1962 in Lynchburg Virginia and is the world leader in the design and production of continuous motion rotary machinery. Belvac provides beverage can makers with high-speed trimming, necking, base re-profiling and reforming, shaping, bottom rim coating, flange and inspection technology. The company invented numerous advances in the can making technology, enabling customers to steadily increase line speeds and improve quality and productivity, while significantly reducing materials costs.

For over forty years Belvac has turned innovative ideas into world class machinery, serving both the Can Making and Plastics industry.

Today Belvac is a part of the Dover Corporation (NYSE-DOV). Dover is a diversified global manufacturer, delivering innovative equipment and components, specialty systems, consumable supplies, software and digital solutions, and support services through the four operating segments: Engineered Systems, Fluids, Refrigeration & Food Equipment and Energy.

Products / Technology

Belvac is the preferred choice of the world’s two-piece can makers and the most trusted source for can making technology worldwide. Belvac technology has enabled manufacturing processes to steadily increase quality and productivity, while significantly reducing materials costs creating a sustainable competitive advantage for its customers.

  • Container Solutions
    • a full range of services to provide a total manufacturing solution
  • Belvac Production Machinery
    • high-speed trimming, necking, base re-profiling and reforming, shaping, bottom rim coating, flange and inspection technology
  • Belvac Decorating Systems
    • Decorators and Coaters
  • Ceramic Solutions
    • Zirconia based ceramic formulations with full vertically integrated world class manufacturing processes
  • Service Solutions
    • full range of services including can, bottle, and tooling design and tooling manufacturing for a broad range of technology and manufacturing industries


In 1962 Alphonse Stroobants, a Belgian immigrant opened „Belgium Tool and Die“ in Lynchburg, USA, a business specialized in high quality precision machining.

In 1975, the introduction of an advanced rotary can cutting machine enabled „Belgium Tool and Die“ to capture a world-wide market and make the transition to „Belvac Production Machinery“. The success with this product established Belvac’s credibility, allowing in 1978 to expand into related machinery markets with the development of a bottom coating machine. In 1982 Belvac bought the Colorado division of Irvin Industries, which was the established manufacture of a necking machine licensed from Coors. Belvac then applied its high standards and innovative improvements to the original Irvin design. The resulting Belvac Necker set production standards world-wide.


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