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CPS - Creative Packaging Solutions
Headquarters Izmir, Turkey
Website cpsturkey.com

Company Profile

CPS (Creative Packaging Solutions) was founded by Mahir Aktaş, who studied mechanical engineering in Bavaria, Germany. Aktaş worked for companies like Kraus Maffai and Netstal-Maschinen AG in Switzerland. He decided to found CPS in Izmir, Turkey while maintaining his network in Western Europe.

CPS‘s administration and sales organization is headquartered in Izmir, Turkey. The research and development engineering team is based in Bavaria/Germany. Customized preforms of specific design are sampled in laboratories in Germany and Switzerland.

CPS developed Min-tec and Neck-lite technology that can possibly reduce PET bottle weight by 3-7% without negative effects on the mechanical properties.

Mint-Tec® is a innovative technology to mint the shape of the preform-base into its optimum design for the following blowing process. The effect is a significantly reduced wall thickness of the preform base, while the surface is increased. The special minting unit is shaping the conical or spherical base of the preform directly after injection moulding in the first heat. The minting unit is designed to use the reheat effect directly after the injection mould to decrease the wall thickness and to increase the outer surface of the preform through fast minting process. At the end of the shaping process the preform gets in contact with the cooling sleeve, were the cooling is very fast due to the reduced wall thickness and the increased outer surface. Mint-Tec® is compatible to almost every common preform system such as Husky, Netstal, Sipa, Sacmi and Sumitomo Systems.

Neck-Lite® is a technology which allows to further optimize a modified preform-neck for the subsequent blowing process. The effect is a significantly reduced wall thickness of the preform neck, while the outer surface is increased. As a result, reheating in the blow moulding machine is far more efficient.

Products / Technology

  • Mint-Tec®
  • Neck-Lite®



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