NII Laser Technology


NII Laser Technology
Headquarters Kharkiv, Ukraine

Company Profile

NII Laser Technology was founded in 1995 and is one of the major manufacturers on the Ukrainian printing market and is holding leading positions in designing and manufacturing industrial laser systems for different applications. Another company product is ceramic anilox rolls that are used in flexo printing. Some of the main laser applications include: Mechanical engineering, Automotive, Packaging industry, electronic Industry, Medical Industry, Jewelry, Tobacco Industry, Glass Industry.

The company‘s complete manufacturing chain contains modern equipment including plasma coating line, ceramic rolls cleaning line, and laser engraving equipment allowing high resolution up to 400 lines per cm. NII Laser Technology also produces high quality rotary screens for fabric printing as well as seamless flexo plates for wallpaper, notepad and packaging printing using Stork Morpheus 6212 laser complex.

The company offers services of laser engraving, marking and cutting of different materials including wood, plastics, metals amongst others using different laser equipment with CO2 and fiber lasers inside.

NII Laser‘s sister company Laser Flex Ltd produces photopolymer flexo plates using analog and digital Computer-to-Plate technology. In addition to flexo printing plates Laser Flex Ltd produces letterpress plates, pad printing plates, gravure printing plates, embossing and hot moulding plates, and partial UV lacquer finish plates.

In 2007 NII Laset Technology was the first to introduce production of ceramic and metal pad printing rolls. We gradually became leading manufacturers of industrial laser equipment for different applications in the Eastern Europe.

Products / Technology

  • Laser marking and engraving equipment
  • Laser marking, engraving, cutting services
  • Lasers, laser markers
  • Laser equipment for marking of bearings, closures, crown caps, and other products.
  • Production of tampon printing clichés
  • Distribution of photopolymer plates and washout solvents
  • Equipment for manufacturing of photopolymer printing plates, rotary screens
  • Rotary screens production
  • Ceramic rolls production (anilox rollers)



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