Headquarters St. Martin im Mühlkreis, Austria
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Company Profile

visoctec provides entire rPET solutions/rPET production lines for their customers and stands for long-term partnerships. The company combines innovation and decades of experience and their customers benefit both from the use of high-quality, innovative technologies and from our many years of experience when it comes to materials, machinery, and markets. viscotec is located in St. Martin im Mühlkreis in Austria.

visocotec is committed to achieve highest standards without exception. The company sets new safety standards and offers a high level of flexibility and long-term partnerships. visocotec strives to achieve the best solutions, both in terms of the environment and from an economic perspective.

A stable, long-term strategic direction is backed up by the owners of viscotec, an international corporate group (founded in 1835.

The highly motivated and skilled team provides rapidly-deployed, uncomplicated, customized and practical solutions. viscotec technologies holds multiple patents for significant technologies, giving customers an extraordinary level of future-proofing, extreme flexibility, and unrivaled quality for the highest of demands.

Products / Technology

Plants from viscotec stand for their long service life, reliable function, stable operation and trailblazing design. The design of the parts and components are of the highest quality available.

  • visocSHEET
    • up to 100% rPET and inhouse flakes processable at guaranteed iV levels for direct food contact
  • viscoSTAR
    • Solid State Polycondensation plant for iV increase and decontamination of polyester pellets and/or flakes
  • deCON
    • Decontamination dryer for production of food grade flakes for skeleton waste directly in front of production extruder
  • deCON 20
    • smart decontamination module designed to process different types of material at the same time
  • crystalizer cry20
    • module for crystallization, drying and dedusting



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