Siapi S.r.l.
Founded 1992
Headquarters San Vendemiano, Italy
Number of locations

Company Profile

SIAPI was founded in 1992 in San Vendemiano, Italy and provides high quality technological solutions to the blowing machine market for bottles and containers in PET, PP, PLA and other resins. Their customers span from small converters to large food and beverage multinationals. Innovation, research, quality and after-sales service are the elements of success that guide SIAPI.

The company achieved EN ISO 9001 and EN ISO 14001.

SIAPI owns a training center where they run several courses for their personnel, technical and sales staff. In addition the company provides training for customers' staff in their Training Center in Italy or on customers' premises throughout the world.

The companys R&D Department transforms experience into technology and customers' demand into reality, using a systematic method of analysis, development and control, as well as involving and working in close synergy with all the company's departments. SIAPI prototypes are created to a strict procedure, working on customers' requirements.

The company has subsidiaries in Tunis, Tunesia (Africa) and Moscow, Russia.

Products / Technology

  • container design development
  • preform design development
  • identification of preform manufacturer nearest to customer's production facilities
  • complete solution development for both cold and hot filling
  • manufacture of blow-molding machine and set-up to optimize production capacity
  • design and construction of blower molds
  • routine and extraordinary maintenance and provision of spare parts
  • provision of injection molds and production of sample preforms by qualified partners


  • 1992 – founded in San Vendemiano, Italy
  • 1994 - First 6-cavity linear blower
  • 1995 - Patent for a preform carrier transport system that allows uniform preform heating with continuous rotating advancement
  • 1998 - new production facilities covering an area of over 8,000 m²
  • 2000 - New production facilities covering an area of over 8,000 m²
    • Development of international sales and customer service
  • 2001 - sale of the first two blowers in the world for refillable 5 US gal
  • 2002 - 100 blowers sold
    • fully electric machines
  • 2003 - Air Recovery System
  • 2004 - world leader in blowers for large sizes up to 30 litres
    • beginning of blower development for wide-mouth containers
  • 2005 - sale of the first 14 cavity mold for 20,000 bph
    • 2 million euros invested to develop the company’s growth
  • 2006 - SIAPI R&D recognised as a qualified point of reference
  • 2008 - 1,000 m² of facilities dedicated entirely to R&D
  • 2009 - 1,000 m² of facilities dedicated entirely to R&D
  • 2010 - SIAPI patents the HandleMatic 360° system
    • first industrial application for making a 5 gallon PET bottle with handle launched in the North American market
  • 2011 - SIAPI expands the range up to a 40-litre version


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